Wednesday, October 12, 2011

El Roi - the God who sees me

El Roi “The God who sees me.”
Based on (Gen. 16:7-13) and (Psalm 33:13-15, 18-19)

I feel so alone,
            Even in a crowd.
A small red speck,
            On a painting of white.
A blade of grass,
            In a field of wheat.

The disease is so large,
            It threatens to overtake me..
Why must I work so hard,
            To be me, to be Colleen?
Where is the real me,
            Who is confident, secure and sane?
Where is Hagar’s El Roi?
            “The God who sees me.”
I seek His face,
            But my mind can no longer grasp Him.
The Lord looks down from heaven;
            He sees all humankind…. Even me!

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